We swear, we promise…

Décember 9, 2009 : …There will be an English version of our website as soon as possible !

We realise that we have friends all around the world and that it is really important to keep the communication between us, Guys, so here's our e-mail address: gil.rose.hydropathes@free.fr

Also, you must know that if we sing in French it's because it is our language and it's easier for us specially because we don't want to sing cheesy lyrics in bad English anymore, definitively NOT because any will of nationalism or anything like that as 99,9% of the music we enjoy is not in French or from France (UK, USA, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Italia…) and come basically from the original Blues that raised from Africa: we think that the mix between our world wide musical roots and our French backgrounds makes us sounds a little different from the neighborhood.

If you don't know the music of Gil Rose et les Hydropathes - BTW, hydropath(e)s means nothing, except literally 'those that water makes sick': in fact, 'Les Hydropathes' were a club of poets and happy drinkers in Paris around 1878/1880 - you can go to visit our MySpace page and have a listen. If you like it, you lucky ones, ha, ha: we have a brand new 5 tracks single La Surprise du chef for sale and you can find it on our CD Baby page or contacting directly the band if you live in Europe.

We just finished recording our next disk and its release is planned for spring 2010. Produced by the almighty Wreckless Eric and with prestigious collaborations of Amy Amy Rigby on the backing vocals and Dimi Dero on the drums, this new album will be released on CD and vinyl LP versions as well as dowloadable on most of the online music stores… With the artworks done by two of the most gifted french comics creators of these days, Laure Del Pino andt Olivier Josso, for an object that will be as great to watch than to hear.

OK, guess that's enough for a first shot, talk to you again soon !…